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Etnaland is an amusement park just 4 km from the Hotel Valle degli Ulivi. Considered the largest park in Southern Italy.

The water park is equipped with dozens of different slides for maximum fun for all ages, attractions with exotic names that respond to Blue Lagoon, Niagara Falls, Rafting River, Rio Anaconda, Black Hole, Red Cannon etc. The park has, in addition to many tobogans, also huge swimming pools for both children and adults.

The attractions are divided into areas and by theme: spinning, dreaming, flying and challenging. The symbol at the bottom right if red child indicates that it is an attraction for children from 1.4 meters upwards, if yellow from 1.2 meters upwards or with a companion, if green with a minimum height of 0.9 meters.

Inside the park you will find several refreshment points where you can choose a simple sandwich, pizza, full lunch and various menu offers with a drink included. For DIY lovers, there are several picnic areas where you can consume and share with friends the things you have brought from home.

For more information on the park, ticket prices, contact Etnaland directly during office hours at the following numbers (0039) 095 9897101/095 9897102/095 7913333 or visit the Etnaland website

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